crous cantine


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                                                                                                                                  Camille Boulicault / Campus Communication


To eat, after long classes, you have the possibility to go to:

  • the University Restaurant Triolet, in front of the Triolet campus. You can eat inside or outdoors (11:30 a.m. / 1:40 p.m).
  • A student meal costs:
    - breakfast: 1,90 € or 2,90 € [University Restaurant Boutonnet (7:30 / 22:00) & cafeterias CROUS. The cafeteria «(S)pace», inside the Triolet campus, is in front of the Polytech building.]
    - lunch: 3,25 € (University Restaurants Triolet, Vert Bois, Boutonnet etc. & cafeterias CROUS). There is quite a choice available for all tastes and appetites!
    - dinner: 3,25 € (University Restaurant Boutonnet)

In addition, there are coffee machines and soda fountains inside the school.